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Our institute followed leader's government office of policy institute and issued and set up the ground policy office of Yilan in 1946 , under the jurisdiction of Taipei to administer, In 1950 Yilan county presents the accurate county of setting up with respect 

to manage, change to be under the jurisdiction of Yilan county. Also gives up the construction three times separately in 1966、1974 and 1980 in the drawing room of our institute.Have in the area under one's jurisdiction Yilan city, Toucheng town , jiaosi town, Yuanshan town and Jhuangwei town. The square land of the borders, adjoin the Pacific Ocean in the east, the west is along the snow-covered mountain and mountain range and Taipei county , such as Taoyuan ,etc. are a circle, 

it is in close proximity to Taipei to reach the three ermines horn in the north , expire by the lanyang river in the county in the south border, register land area is 31460 hectare, 217869 pieces of land.


This institute hopes the scenery: For in accordance to the information time development, take unifies utilization of the technical as the goal, and the coordinate county government office quality policy 

and the goal, establish the efficiency administration, the vigor organization, the creativity team, the goodwill service new government, positively impels each item of agrarian policy, the realization cadastre to be correct, implementation service and so on land ownership equalization, reasonable evaluation soil-rent value, promotion survey technology, achieves "the land administration century" to hope the scenery.